Spanish Action League of Onondaga County, Inc.
April 27th, 2015      
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3 Important Steps:
First: Attend one of our information sessions (they are every Thursday at 9:00 am). To come to our orientation please call (315) 475-6153 ext. 213 to reserve a place.
Second: Develop a Personal Action Plan with your Employment Specialist.
Third: Put your Personal Action Plan in place with our help!

Looking for a job and need help?
Congratulations! You have reached the right place!
The mission of our Career Services Department is to help you get and keep a job that satisfies you. You have to keep in mind that the job search is a process that will require your preparation, perseverance and willpower.
    The Career Services Program is highly committed to helping people find stable employment and develop themselves as they search for better opportunities in the workforce.
     Our ability to effectively change behaviors, skills, knowledge, and values of our participants requires a combination of counseling, job-skills training, case management, interpretation, and advocacy in order to become more economically self-sufficient. The Spanish Action League's (La Liga) Careers Services helps individuals through job readiness skills training and education and job referrals to obtain employment.
    The Careers Services Department adheres to the mission of The Spanish Action League to "build on the rich cultural heritage of the Latino community by advancing its independence", through building individuals' confidence in job related activities, guiding them towards education and referring them to programs that will address needs such as childcare and transportation, with the primary objective of placing them into permanent jobs.
    Our ultimate goals are to make families and individuals economically self-sufficient and to reduce unemployment within the Latino community. Also, we consider ourselves intermediaries between the Latino community and the rest of the community and we envision that the whole community will be enriched with the addition of qualified Latinos in the workplace.
  Career Services Supervisor
    (315) 475-6153 ext. 213
    Email: CS Director

   Employment Specialist
    (315) 475-6153 ext. 210
    Email: Career Specialist

All clients receive the following services:

Orientation session, in which we explain our services and the clients' responsibilities—punctuality is a top priority. A Self-Assessment Survey is distributed to all participants in the orientation session to learn about their goals, barriers to employment, and expectations (what they want to get out of the program and what kind of job they want). In addition, we use an interactive video in Spanish that teach clients interview skills, conduct application development exercise, and facilitate lively discussions to incite the participation of the audience. At the end of the orientation session, every client receives an appointment with the Employment Specialist, Director and the collaboration staff the next day.
Personal Assessment where our staff assists clients in identifying their interests, strengths, and barriers to employment. Also makes referrals to pertinent services, provides counseling, and helps clients develop a weekly action plan.
Follow-up appointments in which to constant review are needed in order to encourage clients to think about their employment options as well as to promote personal responsibility for their choices. We are using our database to track the components of our pre-employment program.
Post employment services (Placement) that provides the supportive services that help people retain employment.
The Career Services Department obtained two competitive grants;
ICT and eCuse (a job training program funded through the NYS DOL that began in January 2010 and July 2010 respectively). These grants allow us to assist unemployed clients that want to increase their skills and education background thereby increasing their ability and options to attain better employment opportunities. These programs include case management, job readiness classes, employment placement and follow-along, other training/certification tracks, GED assessment & classes, substance abuse counseling, and many other services.