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April 27th, 2015      
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  Family Support Services includes the Domestic Violence program, Health & Wellness program and OPWDD program. Each program acts as an avenue for the improvement of the family unit.

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: (315) 410-0945
24-Hour Breast Cancer Services: (315) 427-3315
Family Support Services Manager at (315) 475-6153 ext. 205
   The Domestic Violence department is committed to end domestic violence in the Latino community by providing advocacy, counseling, and education.
    We provide the following services: Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention (Hotline 427-3315); monthly Women Support Groups (Spanish); Parent Success Initiative Parenting Classes (Spanish and English); Spanish Action League Parenting Classes (Spanish); and Domestic Violence Prevention Education (youth/children and community). If further information is needed, please contact;
Family Support Services Manager (315) 475-6153 ext. 205.
  Health and Wellness is a new division of the Family Support Department at the Liga. We welcome clients to take advantage of the knowledge and experience offered. Our hope is to be able to address the community health needs. We currently are funded by the Susan G. Koman foundation which allows us to deliver preventive breast health education. We broadcast in the radio show 'Sabor Latino' every Saturday from 5-7 p.m. with a live feed through Power 106.9. Through these means, educational capsules on topics such as how to detect and conduct self breast examination, the importance of annual exams by your physician and ways to improve the chances of not getting breast cancer are addressed. We are available to meet with clients on personal and private sessions. We are making strides toward a world with more birthdays.

If you have any questions about the services offered, or you wish to ask for specific services, please contact;
Family Support Services Manager at (315) 475 - 6153 ext. 205
  The Saint Agatha Foundation has partnered La Liga to provide 24-Hour Breast Cancer Services to the Central New York area. Saint Agatha Foundation partners with hospitals and healthcare providers to pay for a wide range of breast cancer treatment and recovery-related costs..
                                     24-Hour Breast Cancer Services: (315) 427-3315
Family Support Services Manager at (315) 475-6153 ext. 205
  The Social Work program works throughout the agency to strengthen progress toward the agency mission. We are working to increase agency efficiency by creating an intake system and an agency-wide database. We also provide monthly staff development programs to meet the various desires and needs of staff members. We are collaborating with the Language Services department in training interpreters to work in mental health settings and thus improve Latino access to mental health services. We are working to educate the community about the Latino culture through training programs and meetings with various groups. The Social Work program also serves clients directly through general case management and referrals.
Ariane Katz at (315) 475 - 6153 ext. 207
   Our interpretation and translation staff can meet various needs of English-Spanish translation. We can connect you with trained medical and legal interpreters for both oral and written projects of all kinds. We specialize in bilingual medical training and offer a 40-hour, 10-week course twice yearly.
    Please visit the department page for pricing or call the office for a price quote.If further information is needed, please contact;
Language Services Manager (315) 475-6153 ext. 215
   The Career Services Program is highly committed to help people finding stable employment and developing themselves as they search for better opportunities in the workforce.
   Our ability to effectively change behaviors, skills, knowledge, and values of our participants requires a combination of counseling, job-skills training, case management, interpretation, and advocacy in order to become more economically self-sufficient. If further information is needed, please contact; Careers Supervisor (315) 475-6153 ext. 213.
   The Mission of the Housing Department of the Spanish Action League is to provide services to residents of Onondaga County with low to moderate income and assist them to obtain fair housing. We also assist them to obtain rental subsidy housing that is secure, decent, and affordable.
- We also have a first time home buyer class! If further information is needed, please contact;
Housing Supervisor at (315) 475-6153 ext. 209
   In Youth Leadership and Development Services, we offer two types of programs. The first is an after school program that is divided into two age groups. Our second type of program is a theater group for all ages.    
    Our Future (Nuestro Futuro) is a program for students in Kindergarten to 6th grade. Every Monday through Thursday during the school year, students come in for homework help, tutoring, cultural activities and more. The program also helps students' improve their English proficiency. If further information is needed, please contact;
Youth Coordinator at (315) 475-6153 ext.203

  The Latino Theatre Youth Troupe (La Joven Guardia del Teatro Latino), is open to all school-aged children. The award-winning group performs one major piece a year and participates in various special projects, such as Ventanas, a photography project in which each child received a free camera to show off their artistic talent and capture their community. Through their participation in the theater, the children connect with and share their culture. Also, Artistic Director José Miguel Hernández uses theater to teach children about issues such as avoiding pregnancy and seeking higher education. If further information is needed, please contact;
Theater Coordinator at (315) 475-6153 ext. 216