Elisa M. - Executive Director

Mattie T. - Receptionist

Adriana Z. - Housing & Career Specialist

Molina Mobile Healthcare

Nani Witham-Supported Employment Specialist

Candelaria R. - Language Services Manager

Dayanne S. - Finance Assistant

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Itzen B. - Health & Wellness Specialist ; Breast Cancer Care

Luz Encarnacion-Health & Wellness Coordinator

Shaquia W. - Health Educator

Francisco D. - Youth Assistant

In the Spotlight

Here at The Spanish Action League, our mission is to build on the rich cultural heritage of the Latino community by advancing its independence and growth through advocacy, counseling, and education. 

Success Stories

"My name is Elizabeth Hernandez Fernandez I was born in Havana, Cuba I am 24 years old. After graduating from the José Antonio Echevarría Higher Institute of Computer Engineering in July 2016, I decided to leave my country in search of better opportunities.


I arrived in Syracuse on September 1, 2016 with great expectations and desire to get ahead. Almost a month of being well settled here I began to go to English language schools, where I could expand and exercise the knowledge I already had from the university.


Several months later I was recommended by a friend to work in a restaurant as cleaning staff. Although my beginning in the work life allowed me to develop better I started working 6 days a week an 8 hours day, resting only on Tuesdays. Months later, for certain situations, I was already working days of 10 or 12 hours 7 days a week. In that situation, it was then that I decided to go to the Spanish Action League in search of another job.


The first contact I decided to make was through La Liga website. With a bit of discouragement I decided to leave my data and what I was looking for. And to my surprise a few days later, I received a call from The Spanish Action League, offering me the opportunity to apply in a good company that was in need of bilingual staff.


I believe that we, the emigrants, always have tougher games to play in order to adapt to such a different society and system and to be respected by our work in any sphere. I am grateful to the La Liga for contributing their grain of sand and betting on our victory. "

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline:

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24-Hour Breast Cancer Services:

(315) 427-3315

Language Services Hotline:

(315) 466-6608

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