Career Services

Services to Job Seekers
The Steps to Finding
a Job 
  • Identification of interests and skills 
  • Career councling 
  • Neworking 
  • Application development 
  • Resume preparation 
  • Referral to social services 
  • Interview prepartion and training 
  • Interpretation 



  • Develop a personal action plan
  • Put your personal action plan into practice with our help
  • Your Personal Action Plan:
  • Defining your short and long term goals 
  • Discovering your stregnths and weakness within a job 
  • Looking for solutions to the barriers that are keeping you from a job 
  • Access information about jobs in the area 
  • Preparing outstanding applications for jobs 
  • Preparing you for future job interview
Services to Employers 
Contact Us
  • Recruitment assistance 
  • Referral of qualified applicants 
  • Help employees understand the company's handbook
  • Interpretation and translation 
Appointment Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Why do you need an appointment?
In order to serve you better, we can help you with your self-reliance through career development and job improvement. Please find our contact infomration below. 


For More Information Contact Our Career Services Department: 
Adriana Zabala
Housing & Careers Specialist
(315) 475-6153 ext. 8752
Nani Witham
Supported Employment Specialist
(315) 475-6153 ext. 8750

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline:

(315) 410-0945
24-Hour Breast Cancer Services:

(315) 427-3315

Language Services Hotline:

(315) 466-6608

Spanish Action League 

700 Oswego Street 

Syracuse, NY 13204

Phone: (315) 475-6153

Fax: (315) 474-5767

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