Hispanic Community Theater in Central New York:




Exhibiting arts and cultures through premiering La Joven Guardia del Teatro and a wide range of Hispanic's talents.


 La Joven Guardia del Teatro/ Latino Theatre Youth Troupe

Cost: Free

Ages: 7-21 years old

Interested particpants need to audition, have the will to learn, and must attend sessions and performances

Participants must attend the group meetings four times per week for a period of 4 hours each session depending on performance schedule 

Through Drama and Dance:

The Latino Theatre Youth Troupe performs one major theatrical piece per year, and has won many awards.

Previous plays have included:

-A very old man with enormous wings

-Cecillia Valdés 

-A Humble Photograph

-Our Dreams Do Not Run Empty

-Little Pink Shoes

Students have won indivdual awards for performance as well. Students: 

-Design costumes 

-Learn schenography

-Participate in theater workshops 

-Take dance classes such as the flamenco

The Latino Theatre Youth Troupe has participated in many events:

-BeVard Festival

-Micheal Harms Festival 

-Arts and Crafts Festival 

-The Syracuse Latino American Festival 

-The European Festival 

-The Winter Festival

-State Fair Pan African American Village 

-Syracuse Opera Season


Focus on the young people's hopes for the future and how they want to accomplish their goals

Help with prevention measures and consequences 

Help young people learn responsibility 

Help with behavior patterns 

Help them find themselves through our many different activies

What We do:

We raise self- confidence

Acting skills 

Imagination flexing

Public performance 

Hands-on learning 

Life skills 

Learn about books and plays 

Through Special Projects:

Folklore Latino:

A program seeking to show that Latino culture is the flavor and aroma of musical rhythms. Synchronizing  religious dance and performances can help people understand how Latinos see the world. 


A special photography project; each child will recieve a free camera and can take pictures of anything they choose. This gives an inside look into the community and the studnets have a chance to show off their artistic talents through a new medium.

Carribean Paradise Road:

A cultural sharing and mentoring program carried out through local Middle Schools to share Latino culture with students: participants used dance and music to show their customs and to promote diversity and tolerance. 

Jesús Rolón

Executive Assistant

(315) 475-6153 ext. 204

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline:

(315) 410-0945
24-Hour Breast Cancer Services:

(315) 427-3315

Language Services Hotline:

(315) 466-6608

Spanish Action League 

700 Oswego Street 

Syracuse, NY 13204

Phone: (315) 475-6153

Fax: (315) 474-5767

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