Judith Repass-Cowden

April 23,2013-April 26,2015

Vice President, Member Relations &Marketing AmeriCu


Mark Cass

July 1, 2011- January 1,2016

Community Relations Consultant


James Brown

December 31,2010-December 31,2016

Manager,Equi-Vest New Business/ AXA Equitable


Bethaida González

January 1,2011-January 1,2015

Dean of  University College, Syracuse University


Joseph M. Mocciaro

July 1,2014- June 30,2017

Partner, Bowers & Company

Vice Presidente         

Milagros Escalera

April 26,2013-April 26,2015

Principle, Delaware Academy School,

Syracuse City School District (Retired)


Ramón Rivera, Esq.

August 28,2013-August 28,2015

Mackenzie Hughes, LL


Juanita Pérez Williams, Esq.

May 1, 2014-December 31,2016

Governor's Regional Representative for Intergovernmental Affairs and Commissioners Regional Representative for Department of Labor, New York State

Former Board of Directors:


Patricia Deferio

Regional Network Vice President MVP Healthcare


Juan Carlos Cervantes

EO Program Manager United State Army

Miembros Anteriores: Ruth Beltran, John Burdick, Holvin Capeles, Julius D. Edwards, Luz Encarnacion, Melody Holmes, Solgelia Jimenez, Donald Koons, Edgar Martinez, Jossette Otero, David L. Reed, Maria R. Revelles, Gregory Stack, Maria Taddeo, Erin Zacholl.


Junta de Directores

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline:

(315) 410-0945
24-Hour Breast Cancer Services:

(315) 427-3315

Language Services Hotline:

(315) 466-6608

Spanish Action League 

700 Oswego Street 

Syracuse, NY 13204

Phone: (315) 475-6153

Fax: (315) 474-5767

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