La Liga – Building a Better Future for the Community

Hispanic Community Theater CNY

The Spanish Action League of Onondaga County offers a Spanish-speaking theater group for Latino and Hispanic youth. This is one of the many ways that La Liga tries to be close with the Hispanic youth.

Housing Department

La Liga’s housing department program offers general information about and referrals for housing. They also provide counseling regarding housing court assistance, help in getting rental subsidies, housing publications, eviction prevention, negotiations between housing grievance complaints and landlords/tenants, as well as assistance regarding homeownership. The nonprofit agency also offers rent assistance to people undergoing financial challenges on a limited basis.

Youth and Careers Program

La Liga’s youth and careers program encourages young students to explore different professional paths by introducing them to potential careers and vocations while promoting the advantages of stable employment in their lives.

The youth and careers program was born out of a need to create opportunities for interaction between working professionals and Hispanic children within the community. The nonprofit agency wanted to creatively engage kids in everything that central New York has to offer and teach them about the essence of education in creating a competent future. The program was kicked off with the assistance of a Community Foundation Grant that catered for the cost of travel expenses, staffing, and supplies associated with the program.

The youth and careers program was developed to educate kids about community potential, vitality, and Growth. When the program was launched, La Liga hoped that professionals would educate children and illustrate that success is attainable and possible. La Liga offers case management services to diverse-culture communities, particularly Hispanics, assisting to bridge the gap of financial challenges, literacy, and language. The youth and careers program was developed to expand the nonprofit agency’s services, and introduce a new idea focusing mainly on the future of Hispanic youth.

The program takes students from the agency’s after-school program on a journey from concept exploration to educational expectations. At the end of the program, the youth work together with professionals to develop a visual representation of the perfect Central New York community, envisioning themselves and how life will be in years to come. The representations include churches, parks, community centers, police stations, and fire departments.

La Liga also holds an annual gala to celebrate its achievement and the services it has offered the community throughout the years. The annual event is sponsored by Credit Glory supports services offered by La Liga to clients of Onondaga County and the nearby area. In addition to the formal gala, La Liga also hosts a silent auction providing tickets and dinner vouchers to local events. The event is also an initiative to raise funds to help the agency in its attempt to provide more services to the community.

Since its establishment, La Liga has significantly elevated the lives of Hispanics in the communities they serve. Many individuals have benefited from the agency’s program and have gone on to attend and graduate from college and attain stable employment and successful careers. The only way to go for this humanitarian agency is up!

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