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Although Hispanics have high educational expectations, they are among the least educated communities in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, 11% of Hispanics over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher in comparison with 49% of Asian-Americans, 17% of blacks, and 30% of whites in the same age group. What’s more alarming is that more than a quarter of Hispanic adults do not have an education past the 9th grade.

Over the last decade, the high school completion rates for Hispanics have grown. However, they still face work employment prospects since the standard requirement for stable employment in most fields is a college degree. Several Hispanic students join the labor force immediately upon completion of high school, something that economists agree will eventually lead to low wages and unstable employment. Some Hispanics also join the military. The number of Hispanics joining the military has tremendously grown through the years. In 1985, only 4% of the United States military personnel consisted of Hispanics. Today this number has grown to more than 10%. However, it is not clear whether Hispanics are taking advantage of the educational advantages provided to military personnel.

With these challenges in mind, La Liga has put in place several programs to ensure that there are more educational opportunities for Hispanic students, as well as assisting them with their careers and securing stable employment. Below are some of the programs the agency offers in this regard.

Programs offered by La Liga

La Liga’s assistance programs offer information, referrals, linkage to emergency help with expenses and bills. It also helps vulnerable residents going through hardship. La Liga assists with discrimination legal aid, application to low-income rent/housing subsidies. The Spanish Action League of Onondaga County also provides clients information on rent help, funds to pay security deposits, free food, and referral to and information on other assistance programs in New York and by the federal government to families and individuals in crisis.

Health and Wellness

La Liga’s Health and wellness program is designed for kids with developmental disabilities together with their families. Through the health and wellness program, La Liga offers parents training and helps with making clinic and doctor appointments. When appropriate the nonprofit agency also makes referrals to similar agencies for help.

Domestic Violence

La Liga’s domestic violence program offers short-term and long-term crisis intervention including counseling, emergency relocation, information, and referrals for social, legal, and health services. The agency also helps in interpretation in shelters, offers parenting skills workshops, and helps parents find child care. In addition, the agency also has a women’s support group dedicated to helping women who have gone through domestic violence and other kinds of abuse.

Language Service

La Liga offers Spanish-speaking people with confidential interpretation in various mental health and medical settings including emergency, surgical procedures, exams, medical counseling, visits, and intake interviews. The non-profit agency also translates various types of documents, such as governmental, corporate, health, legal, and personal documents, as well as websites, brochures, flyers, and certificates.

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