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"My name is Elizabeth Hernandez Fernandez I was born in Havana, Cuba I am 24 years old. After graduating from the José Antonio Echeverría Higher Institute of Computer Engineering in July 2016, I decided to leave my country in search of better opportunities.


I arrived in Syracuse on September 1, 2016 with great expectations and desire to get ahead. Almost a month of being well settled here I began to go to English language schools, where I could expand and exercise the knowledge I already had from the university.


Several months later I was recommended by a friend to work in a restaurant as cleaning staff. Although my beginning in the work life allowed me to develop better I started working 6 days a week an 8 hours day, resting only on Tuesdays. Months later, for certain situations, I was already working days of 10 or 12 hours 7 days a week. In that situation, it was then that I decided to go to the Spanish Action League in search of another job.


The first contact I decided to make was through La Liga website. With a bit of discouragement I decided to leave my data and what I was looking for. And to my surprise a few days later, I received a call from Carlos Ochoteco, the Professional Services Coordinator, offering me the opportunity to apply in a good company that was in need of bilingual staff.


The truth is thatI remember that call very hopeful, because somehow it gave me back the little trust in myself that I was starting to lose. I also received good encouragement from another of the supervisors, with whom I met a few days later to talk about my preparation, expectations and help me in the future interview that I would have.


For reasons of the company in question I did not manage to get that position, but that did not stop me from continuing with the Spanish League on a fairly regular basis in search of new opportunities, along with career coordinator Carlos, whom I consider to be committed and passionate with his work.


For reasons such as: the means of transportation, the demand of some companies and my status of non-resident in the United States some jobs that were suitable for me were a bit difficult to get.


As a matter of life my situation in my current job seemed to improve, so I thought it best to stop my search for another job.


At the moment I have decided to take it back and my first step is to go again to the Spanish Action League, because I am aware that eventually I will find my opportunity with your help.


I believe that we, the emigrants, always have tougher games to play in order to adapt to such a different society and system and to be respected by our work in any sphere. I am grateful to the La Liga for contributing their grain of sand and betting on our victory. "

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